• Lamaze Instructor • Newborn Care Specialist • Lactation Consultant


I am so grateful to have met Victoria! I had a pretty traumatizing birthing experience that deterred me from breastfeeding my daughter. I was feeding my daughter pumped breastmilk because I was too scared to breastfeed due to my hospital experience. Victoria did not pressure me into doing anything I wasn't comfortable with, she allowed me to move at my own pace while constantly being there to guide me. Victoria truly cares. Victoria also gave me wonderful tips on getting my daughter to nap easier. Victoria helped pave the way for me to be able to bond with my daughter, and for that I will be forever grateful!
Carlie L.

I've had the pleasure of working with Victoria as she provided both lamaze and breastfeeding services. It was one of the best investments I could have made as a new mom. The one on one support I received for both services was very personal and customized to fit my needs in the delivery room and with my newborn baby. I had felt very discouraged with breastfeeding and Victoria was amazing in helping me and my little one with our latch, schedule, and technique. On a personal level, I'm fortunate to have Victoria as a cheerleader and someone I can speak to ongoing for support. I highly recommend her services for anyone who would like a more personal lesson in both lamaze or breastfeeding.

And I did this with one hand while holding Autumn :)
Jayme and Kevin P.

Thank you for your emails, follow up and guidance.

Charlie delivered 8 days late after 48 hours of in-hospital medicated induction. My cervix would not dilate. But with the patience of my support team, and my 3 midwives (over 4 days) we delivered vaginally.

We tapped into your advice and help all along the way. I cannot thank you enough.

Much love and gratitude,
Laura and Luis C.

I cannot begin to describe what a difference having Victoria as my lactation consultant has been! As a new mother, I was overwhelmed with the fears of being a new mom and breastfeeding my little one. Questions were circulating in my mind...Would my body be able to breastfeed? Would I produce enough milk? Would I be able to sustain him completely for adequate growth and development?...and lastly, How in the world do I use this breast pump?!

As a nurse practitioner, I know what a profound impact breastfeeding can have both on the mother and child-providing the best nourishment possible, critical immune protection, prevention of cancer risks (for both momma and baby!) and also providing a bonding experience between mother and child like no other. I was bound and determined to breastfeed with a goal of feeding my son for his entire first year, but breastfeeding wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. When we brought him home he was not latching correctly. I read the books over and over, but could not seem to get him to latch. The result was a very painful breastfeeding experience that left me feeling very discouraged.I knew how vital this was to my son and being that I am a very stubborn person, I did not give up. I reached out to Victoria (who had also been my lamaze coach) and she came to my rescue, helping me to navigate each and every challenge. She came to my home and showed me tips and techniques for proper latching. She also helped me later on through hind-milk/fore-milk imbalance and low milk supply as well.

Victoria has been such a constant resource for knowledge and support. I cannot begin to describe how much she has meant to me. She gave me such a confidence as a new mom that I could actually do this. Through her encouragement I was able to reach all of my breastfeeding goals. I even made it past my goal of one year to 14 months without the use of even one drop of formula. She even helped me accomplish this with a surprising challenge of being pregnant again when my son was 10 months! Victoria has not only been my lactation consultant, but through this she has also become one of my treasured friends. I highly recommend her to anyone considering the amazing blessing of breastfeeding their children.
-Heather T.

"I am so thankful I found Victoria during my second pregnancy. I wanted a VBAC and Victoria was the perfect person to contact to give me the encouragement, knowledge, and confidence I needed! She taught my husband and I an incredible Lamaze class in our home. It just doesn't get any better than that! Don't think twice about having Victoria teach your birthing class! The hospital classes are nothing compared to the amazing time you will have with her. She is engaging, kind, and very knowledgeable. I learned so much about the labor process, pain management techniques, and breastfeeding from her. She is one of a kind and you will be blessed to work with her!"
-Brittany G.

Victoria has been with us for about six months now, when my son, Lucas, was only a few weeks old. From the first interview, Victoria stood out from everyone else as she was polished, professional, experienced, confident and hands on. I lacked confidence in my ability to care for infants, especially a newborn, and expressed this to her. She stayed two hours with me that day and helped change Lucas' diaper, played with him, even told me when she thought he would be tired next, etc. She was very hands on and I felt completely at ease when she was there, it was like I was able to take a huge sigh of relief and relax feeling like, "Okay, someone competent is taking care of him now." I did not get that feeling with anyone else. She is a professional, not just a "babysitter." She helped me recognize Lucas' cues and helped get me on his schedule and to understand what he was communicating to me. I felt for the first time that I had some control and "could do this." She is always on time, always warm, upbeat, positive and flexible with her time. I trust that Lucas is in great hands with her and I also just enjoy her company as I think she is an amazing woman.
-Loraine D., LCSW

"Victoria was fantastic! My son is going through a funny stage and she was very good at distracting him."
-Kate K.

"I love her! What a great choice. I had met Victoria before when I
was in the hospital having my son and I was very impressed with her."
-Susan L.

"Victoria is a great fit for us! We are very excited about having her
work for us. She is wonderful!"
-Ed F.

"Everything went great! Victoria is fantastic! I would highly
recommend her. (24 hour vacation care for 3 children ages
10, 3 & 1-1/2."
-Michelle R.

"Victoria was a complete professional - and answered my questions with a warmth, sincerity, and competance that assured me and gave me the confidence to nurse my baby even with the complications I experienced. I would highly recommend her to any first time mother who wants the advantage of someone who has seen it all and is happy to help."
-Deree K.

"Victoria is great! She was on top of everything on our list. She exceeded our expectations and the children really liked her. (24 hour vacation care of 4 children ages 17, 16, 15 & 12)"
-Kristen S.

"I spoke with Victoria a couple weeks ago about some fore milk/hind milk issues with nursing my 3 month old. She was very generous with information and I could tell she was very knowledgeable. I've nursed 5 kids into their toddler years and still she was explaining things about my breast and my baby that I had never heard. She was illustrative and thorough in her advice. I did exactly what she told me to do and immediately started seeing results. My baby is gaining weight more rapidly, spitting up less, and his poops are mostly mustard color now instead of green. When I pump, I am seeing a lot more hind milk. These were all issues prior to speaking with Victoria. I really appreciate her information, teaching, and generosity and would recommend her to any mama needing nursing support!"
-LaToya J.

"Victoria has been more helpful than any lactation consultant I’ve used through the hospitals or local support. Even with an ocean between us, she was able to FaceTime in order to evaluate the situation and provide me guidance. Always available when I needed and her pep talks gave me the courage to keep trying."
-Nichole W.